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A Lifetime Achievement

Learning how to drive is a milestone in anyone’s life. The art of safe driving provides you with a convenient mode of transport. No matter whether you are a beginner in driving or want driving lessons to refresh your driving skills, HelpYouDrive School is the right place, where your on-road dream comes true.

Safe and competent driving is not all about to have a good control behind the wheel but greatly attributed to the awareness and familiarity of latest road rules and its amendments. All of our VTD accredited driving instructors are well informed about the latest changes in road rules, hazard perception tips and driving tricks to negotiate numerous driving challenges in order to ensure the best value for your money.

Learner Permit to P License

A Moving Classroom: HelpYouDrive School assists you in obtaining the licence you prefer. Our lessons are tailored to suit your individual requirements. Day or early night lessons are provided and weekend lessons can be organized on request. Learner drivers are being assessed as per the VicRoad’s GLS (Graduated Licensing System) standard. Lessons can start from your home or any other place of your choice. We are primarily aimed at helping you pass your practical driving test as well as becoming a competent, safe, defensive and courteous driver on road.

Overseas License Conversion:

The primary aspect of overseas driving license conversion is transferring your overseas driving skills to Australian standards. You may not need anything to improve in your basic driving skills but need a lot to know on local road rules, norms, practices, and driving attitude to become a competent and safer driver. Familiarity and competence with these are daunting tasks for you if you have migrated recently from overseas. We cater customised learning curves based on individual’s specific needs. So, we strongly believe, it is highly unlikely that you need many lessons to grab the required skill to become a competent driver on Victorian roads. Our qualified and experienced instructors have gained vast experience over the years to make you competent in the required skills within the shortest possible time. Our customised lessons primarily aimed at updating your driving skill up to Australian standard and make you pass in the VicRoad’s testing procedure in a shorter time frame while maintaining the quality and standards at its maximum, which in fact, minimises the cost.

Brush Up Your Skill

  • Not driving for a long time?
  • Would like to brush up the skill back?
  • Need exposure to Australian road conditions and road rules?
  • Want to improve your driving skill in more challenging situations?
  • Need to rectify bad driving practices?
  • Are you nervous while driving?

HelpYouDrive School’s expert & well-experienced driving instructors are ready to cater an appropriate refresher program that suits most to your individual needs.